Dictionary based on interviews

Translators: Előd Márton, Gábor Tompa

Editor: Andrea Zsigmond

Drawings: Orsolya Láng

Bookart Publisher: Csíkszereda, 2014.

ISBN 978-606-92476-58-2

144 oldal, 160 x 160 mm, hardcover
The book was set together from details of interviews, resulting in a dictionary, thus uniting the advantages of both genres, that is subjectivity and clear formulation with conciseness. In this style speaks Gábor Tompa, internationally renown director, leader of the Hungarian Theater from Cluj, Head of Directing at the Theatre and Dance Department of the University of California, San Diego. His wide knowledge and experiences result in a clever and interesting book about theater, arts, cultural variables, today’s crises, Transylvanian matters or sanctity. A special value of the out-of-order compilation is the open discussion of delicate topics such as the ‘democracy’ vs. ‘aristocracy’ of the contemporary theatre.
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